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According To – Raz-B Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family, On this page you can learn about Raz-B’s net worth, biography, age, wife, height, weight, income, and many more details. Raz-B is an American singer and actor who has a net worth of $2 million. He is well-known for his successful albums and songs and is the creator and member of the group B2K.

He has released his album The Pandemonium under this group which has received a good response from the industry. People know him, so the industry knows about his work with the group. In addition to being a singer and actor, he has also appeared in the first feature film group, You Got Served. He released his debut single B2K 2002, which reached many music charts. He has also worked in the films Why I Love You, What A Girl Wants, and Badaboom.

He played the role of Vick in the movie You Got Served, where he made his film debut. In addition to Pieces of a Dream, Love Sick Diaries, and Caged Innocence, he has also worked on Noah’s Arc, where he played the role of Tashi in 2006. Also, check out Katy Perry Net Wort. His last album was released in 2004 called B2K Greatest Hits, which received positive reviews from the audience.

The net worth of Raz-B

His career in film and music has been successful, releasing several singles and albums. As of 2023, he had a net worth of $2 million. He has released many singles and albums, making him famous. He has also appeared in movies and TV shows. After becoming famous, he began to receive good pay for his work. He has worked with a group called B2K and released singles.

In addition to his net worth, Raz-B has created an excellent source of income from his songs and albums. His primary source of income is the fees he charges for releasing songs and albums. Raz also makes money from his singing performances and acting in films. It also contributes to his net worth a great deal. His professional singing career earns him thousands of dollars each year.

According to various online resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, Bloomberg), Raz-B has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Biography of Raz-B

Born on June 13, 1985, Raz-B is currently 37 years old. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Raz has always been interested in music, and he started singing and performing at an early age.

As a member of B2K, Raz has released various albums and singles, including Pandemonium under this group. He holds the Nationality of the United States of America.

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Career and Awards of Raz-B

Raz-B has been active in the music industry for a long time, and his debut single with the group B2K, Uh Huh, became successful and helped him to get starting recognition in the industry. He later released singles Gots Ta Be, Why I Love You and Girlfriend which became commercially successful and made him famous. His songs have also reached the music charts and topped. A Single called Bump, Bump, Bump has topped the charts of the US Hot 100. Raz-B is now a well-known singer in the industry.

He released his debut album in 2002 called B2K (Gold), which topped the music charts of the Billboard 200 and US R&B. His other albums include Pandemonium, Santa Hooked Me Up and The Remixes – Volume 1, reaching the US R&B at 76. People also know him in the industry for his acting roles, including the debut movie You Got Served, where he played the role of Vick in 2004. He has worked with famous personalities in his career, which has also helped him get industry exposure. Must check Jon Bon Jovi Net Worth.

Education of Raz-B

In addition to studying schilling education, Raz-B also started learning music from a young age, which helped him in his professional career.

  • This is Pandemonium! · (2002)
  • (2002) Girlfriend Pandemonium!
  • (2003) Badaboom You Got Served
  • (2003) Take It to the Floor You Got Served
  • It’s Gonna Be B2K· (2002)
  • The Girl Who Wants Pandemonium! (2002)
  • The Floor You Got Served (2003)

Questions and Answers

Raz-B’s net worth is unknown.

The total net worth of Raz-B is around $2 million.

Raz-B is how old?

Raz-B is currently 37 years old (13 June 1985).

What is Raz-B’s annual salary?

Raz-B earns an estimated salary of $0.1 Million a year.

Raz-B’s height is what?

Raz-B stands 1.68 meters (5′ 6″) tall.Raz-B Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Family

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