What Happened to the Playboy Mansion
  • August 1, 2023
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The Playboy Mansion, once at risk of abandonment, is now in the possession of Daren Metropoulos, who acquired it for $100 million in 2016. Following Hugh Hefner’s passing, the mansion experienced disrepair, but the new owner has been actively renovating it.

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Playboy Mansion California

The Playboy Mansion can be found in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, which is situated near Beverly Hills. The Playboy Mansion holds a legendary status as the beloved and longtime residence of the visionary Hugh Hefner, the pioneering founder of Playboy magazine.

This iconic abode stands as a symbol of opulence and extravagance, boasting an impressive array of luxury amenities that catered to Hefner’s lavish lifestyle. From the allure of a game room and the fascination of a zoo and aviary to the charm of a grotto and the grace of a tennis court, every corner of the mansion was designed to epitomize the ultimate in leisure and entertainment.

In 2016, an event of great significance took place when the mansion found a new owner in the form of Daren Metropoulos, who secured the property for a staggering $100 million. Despite the change in ownership, the legacy of Hugh Hefner was deeply respected, and he was granted the privilege of residing there until his passing in 2017. The mansion served as a testament to Hefner’s enduring influence on the world of media and his commitment to the celebration of pleasure, freedom, and sophistication.

What Happened to the Playboy Mansion?

After Hugh Hefner passed away in 2017, Daren Metropoulos became the new owner of the Playboy Mansion. The co-owner of Hostess Brands and principal in an investment firm, known for his astute business acumen, made headlines in August 2016 when he acquired the iconic mansion for a staggering $100 million. The purchase of this historic property, once belonging to the renowned Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, marked a significant moment in his life as a successful entrepreneur.

However, following Hefner’s passing, the mansion fell into a state of disrepair and became a target for looters, causing damage to its opulent interior. Despite these setbacks, the determined new owner has shown unwavering commitment to preserving the mansion’s heritage and restoring its former glory.

Under his diligent supervision, extensive renovation efforts have been underway, bringing back the mansion’s splendor, one room at a time. Notably, the famous “sex grotto,” a symbol of the mansion’s extravagant lifestyle during Hefner’s era, seems to have remained untouched, further adding to the allure of the property.

Is the Playboy Mansion Abandoned?

Yes, after Hugh Hefner passed away in 2017, Daren Metropoulos became the new owner of the Playboy Mansion. After Hugh Hefner passed away, the mansion faced some challenges with disrepair and looting. However, the current owner, Daren Metropoulos, took charge and has been working hard to bring the mansion back to its former glory. It’s far from abandoned now.

They’ve been putting a lot of effort into renovating the place, aiming to restore its historical significance and grandeur. You can see the owner’s dedication through the ongoing restoration work, which has given the mansion a fresh lease on life.

It’s no longer a sad relic of the past; instead, it’s a symbol of strength and revival, proudly reflecting its rich history. As the restoration project continues, the mansion is regaining its allure and charm, assuring that it will remain a cherished architectural gem and cultural icon for many years to come.

Inside the Playboy Mansion

The Playboy Mansion boasts an impressive array of luxurious amenities that exemplify the opulent lifestyle of its founder, Hugh Hefner. Inside its magnificent walls, one can find a game room, a zoo, an aviary, a grotto, a tennis court, a wine cellar, a basketball court, and a screening room adorned with a remarkable built-in pipe organ. This mansion truly encompasses the epitome of extravagance and entertainment.

In a charming snapshot, we see Hugh Hefner himself, the visionary behind the iconic Playboy empire, posing proudly outside his screening room. Flanked by two posters of his all-time favorite movie, “Casablanca,” he captures a moment of reverence for the cinematic masterpiece. The photograph reflects Hefner’s passions and interests, demonstrating the diverse and cultured tastes of the man who created an unparalleled legacy that continues to captivate the world.

Who Owns the Playboy Mansion?

The ownership of the illustrious Playboy Mansion now belongs to Daren Metropoulos, who is the son of the renowned billionaire investor, Dean Metropoulos. In a significant acquisition in 2016, Daren Metropoulos purchased the mansion for a staggering $100 million, adding this iconic property to his family’s portfolio.

As the new custodian of this historic landmark, Daren Metropoulos has taken on the responsibility of preserving its grand legacy and ensuring its continued allure. With his astute business acumen and commitment to maintaining its illustrious heritage, the Playboy Mansion remains a symbol of luxury and sophistication, standing proudly as a testament to its storied past and promising future under the devoted ownership of the Metropoulos family.

What Happened to the Playboy Mansion – FAQs

1. What happened to the Playboy Mansion after Hugh Hefner’s death?

After Hugh Hefner’s passing in 2017, the ownership of the Playboy Mansion was transferred to Daren Metropoulos, who bought the property in 2016 for $100 million. However, Hugh Hefner was allowed to live there until his death, maintaining a connection to the mansion until the end.

2. Who is the current owner of the Playboy Mansion?

The current owner of the Playboy Mansion is Daren Metropoulos, the son of billionaire investor Dean Metropoulos. Daren purchased the mansion in 2016 and has been overseeing its preservation and renovation efforts.

3. Has the Playboy Mansion been renovated?

Yes, since its acquisition by Daren Metropoulos, the Playboy Mansion has undergone extensive renovation efforts to restore its former grandeur and historical significance. The current owner has been committed to preserving the mansion’s iconic features while updating its facilities to meet modern standards.

4. What amenities does the Playboy Mansion have?

The Playboy Mansion is renowned for its luxurious amenities, which include a game room, a zoo, an aviary, a grotto, a tennis court, a wine cellar, a basketball court, and a screening room with a built-in pipe organ.

5. Can the public visit the Playboy Mansion?

After the change in ownership, the Playboy Mansion is no longer open to the public for regular visits or tours. It is a private residence under the ownership of Daren Metropoulos, and access to the property is restricted to invited guests or authorized personnel only.

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